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Practice Management Consultation Support

What We Do:

The Axiopisto Group is a purveyor of various professional services to including: Medical billing, coding credentialing, IT support, front office training, and virtual services. Additionally, we operate a centralized call center with multiple functions to assist with the successful operations of medical practices, services, a high-complexity lab, and behavioral health medication management.

Dedicated to the Independent Health Care Practitioner


Practice Management

A centralized force of personnel who will collaborate with one another in order to provide the most clinically effective, expedient, compliant and customer friendly service. Moreover, the goal is not just to adequately support, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Medical Billing Coding and Credentialing

Axiopisto Group has the most highly trained health information management professionals in medical billing, certified coding, and credentialing. We will provide expertise in the formation, operation, and continuous improvement and training of all of your HIM staff.

IT Support

Collaborating with both current and future billing, credentialing, IT, and managerial staff to offer our services to healthcare agencies.

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